Exercise Stress Test

An Exercise Stress Test is a diagnostic test meant to determine if the circulation to your heart is compromised. In our clinic we also assess your ability to walk, your fitness, oxygenation, and general health, therefore able to direct your primary care provider in their care for you.

Dr. Visentin has personally supervised over 10,000 exercise stress tests, and will be present with you for the exercise stress test. Don't worry about your back, hips or knees. Dr. Visentin will accommodate the test to your abilities. If you can walk, even with a cane, you can do the test.

Our testing methods are known as S.A.F.E. Testing© - Supervised by a physician, Activity on a treadmill, Fitness and Health, Evaluation. Usually stress tests are ordered by primary care practitioners and are covered by OHIP. OHIP however states it does not insure low risk tests. If you are interested in ordering your own stress test without going to a practitioner first, simply call the office at (705) 735-4685 and ask for a S.A.F.E. Test©

S.A.F.E. Testing© is offered at a nominal fee of $75.00

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