Chelation Therapy

Chelation therapy is a new addition to the clinic as of 2017. As a safe and effective addition to conventional therapies (especially in diabetic patients), it is a process where EDTA is given intravenously to remove heavy metals from the body that contribute to the formation of atherosclerosis, especially in the smaller vessels. Patients who have peripheral arterial disease or previous anterior myocardial infarction also benefit.

One only needs to treat 7 patients in the diabetic population who have had a heart attack on standard medical therapy to prevent any further events from happening, and 12 such patients to prevent 1 death! These are better numbers than most other studied therapies.

The TACT trial was published in 2013, after which a detailed examination of the diabetes population in particular was published in 2014. It was not enthusiastically taken up by conventional physicians because it is much more difficult to administer than a simple prescription. Disodium EDTA is administered intravenously over 3 hours. There are certain vitamin and mineral supplements to take as well. Dr. Visentin has completed her chelation certification with the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM), the recognized leader in chelation therapy education.

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