Welcome to South Simcoe Cardiac Services!

We pledge to offer general cardiology services and minimal wait times at a venue with easy accessibility in Barrie, ON and area.

South Simcoe Cardiac Services exists to deliver health care in a safe, competent, compassionate manner. Every patient with significant findings discovered through our investigations will be managed accordingly. We will form an efficient, accountable liaison with community health partners.

Our Services

An integrated healthcare approach including health assessments, cardiac care and counselling services.


Consultation available if testing finds clinically
significant abnormalities which warrant
specialist follow-up

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring offered
at the lowest price point in the region

Stress Testing

Exercise stress testing under direct
physician supervision

Heart Rhythm Monitoring

We'll send you home with a device (holter and loop) to monitor your heart rhythm for an accurate diagnosis

Chelation Therapy

An effective addition to conventional
therapies, particularly for diabetics


Echocardiography and stress